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About Us

Frate-N was established in April 2002, by Peter Cartwright and Greg Young with the aim of promoting N Scale Australian Model Railways, by providing ready to run quality model trains at an affordable price.

Frate-N was born out of frustration by a lack of Australian N Scale model trains being available to purchase as ready to run. There have for many years, been available, a range of kits and modelling accessories for the N Scale modeller, if you know where to purchase them. If you were lucky enough to get some models, you then had to have the skills to put them together and paint them. .

Both Peter and Greg have full time employment on a permanent basis outside of our modelling. We both ask that you take this into consideration if at times we are a little slow on replacing sold and out stock items from our range. This is still a hobby to both of us and at the prices we charge for the time spent, neither of us would be able to pay the rent.

If you would like to ask us any questions, or would like to contact us please do so, just click on the contact us button and all of our details are sun protection for baby in carпокрывало BugattiFiat